Welcome to urSPOTTER, the premier platform for sports enthusiasts, content creators, and talent scouts! urSPOTTER is your gateway to a world of sports content, where the thrill of the game and the excitement of discovering new talent come together.

At urSPOTTER, we connect sports fans, content creators (Spotters), and talent scouts in an immersive sports experience. Our platform is designed to cater to various audiences:

  • Sports Fans: If you're passionate about sports and enjoy watching matches, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, urSPOTTER is your ultimate source for exclusive sports content. Immerse yourself in the world of sports like never before.
  • Content Creators (Spotters): Are you an aspiring sports videographer or content creator? At urSPOTTER, you have the opportunity to capture the best moments in sports and share them with the world. Our platform allows you to showcase your work, build a subscriber base, and monetize your passion for sports.
  • Talent Scouts and Agents: For talent scouts and agents seeking the next sports sensation, urSPOTTER is a treasure trove of undiscovered talent. Scout upcoming stars in various sports and connect with them directly through our platform. Discover the athletes of tomorrow.

Key Features of urSPOTTER

  • Exclusive Content: Access exclusive sports videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage that you won't find anywhere else. Be part of the inner circle with content that takes you closer to the action.
  • Supporting Content Creators: Support your favorite content creators by subscribing to their channels, allowing them to continue producing high-quality sports content. Your subscription makes a difference.
  • Scouting Talents: Talent scouts can discover new sports talent and engage directly with emerging athletes and players. Unearth the potential hidden in every game.
  • Monetization: Spotters can set their subscription prices, and subscribers enjoy access to premium content. A fair and transparent platform that rewards quality content.


Posting content

Our website allows users to post premium content, which can only be unlocked by other viewers when purchasing a monthly subscription. On top of that, creators can earn more money from tips and paid posts, on top of of the regular subscription content.
The experience is powered by a mobile-first, clean and easy-to-use design, with De themes, RTL, and localization capabilities. It allows the creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay to unlock posts.

In order to be able to start posting content and earn money, you will need to create an account, deppending on the platform settings you might have to verify it, then you will be able to create posts by accessing the Create post page, where you can upload any kind of media you want, by either drag and dropping your files onto the text area, or by clicking on the file icon bellow the text area. Please ensure that your content follows our guidelines. All content is reviewed before publication to maintain quality and adhere to our standards. This ensures that your viewers receive the best experience.



Once you get an account rolling, you will be able to purchase user subscriptions, send tips and unlock posts with your PayPal account or a credit/debit card, via Stripe. By subscribing to a Spotter, you gain access to exclusive sports content, interviews, and other exciting videos that are not available to non-subscribers. Users can set their own subscription prices, allowing viewers to choose their preferred level of access. Once you have valid subscription to a user, you will then also be able to chat with him via the live messenger. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any given time.



Withdrawals can be requested by authors at any given time. We allow Paypal & Bank Transfer and the transfer are manuall made by the administrator, as a two factor check.


Reporting a user or a post

In order to report a user or it's content, you can go to that user's profile or post, click on the three dots icon and select report. Our admins will analyze and take action accordingly. You can also block a certain user from seeing your profile or messaging you again.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the urSPOTTER Help and FAQ section. Here, you'll find answers to common questions related to using our site.

1. What is urSPOTTER? urSPOTTER is a platform that allows users to discover talent in the world of sports, post content, and access exclusive content.

2. How does urSPOTTER work? Users can register, search for talents and sports content, access exclusive videos, and even become spotters to publish their own content.

3. How can I register on urSPOTTER? You can sign up for free on urSPOTTER using your email address or your existing social media accounts.

4. What types of content can I find on urSPOTTER? On urSPOTTER, you can discover exclusive sports videos, interviews with emerging talents, and much more.

5. How can I become a Spotter? To become a Spotter on urSPOTTER, simply create an account and upload your sports videos.

6. Is there a registration fee on urSPOTTER? Registration on urSPOTTER is free. However, there are premium services available for a fee.

7. Can I deactivate my account? Yes, you can deactivate your account at any time by going to your profile settings.

8. How can I earn as a Spotter? Spotters earn from views on their content and subscription commissions.

9. What types of videos can Spotters publish? Spotters can publish high-quality sports videos, interviews, highlights, and much more.

10. Is there a content review process? Yes, all content published by Spotters is subject to review before publication to ensure quality and compliance with guidelines.


Got questions?

If you haven't found answers to your questions in this FAQ section, feel free to contact our dedicated support team via the Contact Page. We're here to make your urSPOTTER experience as exciting as the sports you love!